Professional equipment for
light drawing art show

3 types of screens (single-sided, double-sided, daytime) 
4 types of flashlights
any screen size
online education
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Screen for light drawing art 

 We can make any size to order. Standard screen size 2x3m. We have 3 type of screens: single-sided, double-sided, daytime.
 Оne-side screen 
glow in dark art
 Two-side screen
light art show
 Day time one-side screen 
light art show day drawing

Video about equipment for light drawing art show

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Assembly and disassembly of the screen for light art takes 10 minutes

All in one bag. The kit includes: the screen, metal frame and clamps for the screen, protective fabric from the light and a waterproof bag

light drawing screen
light drawing art screen
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Online education light art show

Learn the secrets of Light Painting Show and start earning in 14 days. You will learn how to draw even without drawing skills!
арт шоу
шоу на детский праздник киев
рисование светом киев
шоу на свадьбу киев
арт шоу киев
шоу на детский праздник киев
шоу рисование светом киев
шоу рисование светом
оригинальный подарок
тематическое шоу украина
шоу световых картин киев
шоу световых картин украина
шоу рисование светом киев
тематическое шоу киев
арт шоу украина
шоу световых картин

Video light drawing in dark

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